Joseph W. Catharine School

Schoolyard Completed in 2022

  • “Scholars are happy and behavioral issues have decreased this school year.”

  • ”Our scholars are enjoying recess a lot more.”

  • “The students love the track, drums, and basketball hoops.”

Joseph H. Brown School 

Schoolyard Completed in 2021

  • “There are a lot less fights and behavioral issues between students. Students now build peer relationships with each other through playing at recess.”

  • “They are sad that they had to leave, and I have to remind them that they will back tomorrow!”

  • “The students seem to be in a good mood, have a lot more fun, and are more active.”

John Hancock Demonstration Elementary School 

Schoolyard Completed in 2021

  • “Students seem to be playing together as teammates and transitioning back into the classrooms happier.”

  • “It is so nice to see students engaging in physical activity and socializing with peers which we know helps to reduce stress and help them stay focused when they return to class.”

  • “There has been a positive change in the schoolyard. Students are learning how to cooperatively play with one another .”

Julia Ward Howe School

Schoolyard Completed in 2019

  • “I have observed less fighting and arguing and more students running around, playing, having old-fashioned fun. Most of all, students are not trying to sneak onto their phones.”

  • “Students come into the classroom excited and talking about the games they played at recess.”

  • “The students are more engaged and happier.”

Insights from the Kenderton Elementary School

Schoolyard Completed in 2022.

“After returning from recess, students are able to compose themselves in a manner ready to learn.”

“Thank you for the new equipment. We really utilized the area for our annual Green vs. Gold Day; it was a smashing success!!! We appreciate having the new play area. It has become a point of pride for our school and the surrounding community.”

“Students love the trackband drums.”

Insights from the John B. Kelly School

Schoolyard Completed in 2022.

“The children love to group up and use the math maze to play a game and create and learn new math problems they didn’t know before. The race track is perfect in keeping the children active.”

“There seems to be a more controlled climate after recess since the completion of the schoolyard project.”

“Students are more engaged and less likely to get into trouble.”